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Near Net Shape Forgings for Industrial Applications

Cold Forging

Warm Forging

  • Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Copper and Aluminum
  • High Fatigue Strength
  • Wide Varitey of Shapes Available
  • Size Range from 1 oz. to 5 Pounds
  • Carbon and Alloy Steel, Copper and Aluminum
  • Tighter Tolerances than Hot forging
  • Size range from 4 oz. to 5 Pounds
  • Strength equal to or greater than a Hot Forging

Cold-Flow Corporation was formed in 1976 to supply cold and warm forgings for industrial applications from carbon and alloy steel, aluminum, copper and it's alloys. We serve industries such as hydraulic braking systems, electrical safety and transmission, railway, agricultural equipment and telecomunications. We specialize in providing a lower cost alternative and the best possible service.

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