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Secondary Services

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Completing the Part

Obtaining a forging is usually just one step in the process of making the finished product. Although some parts can be completely formed most will reqire at least some form of additional machining or surface treatment. These secondary operations can present some challenges in both scheduling and execution. Each step can be dependent on the others sucess and quality creating unforseen difficulties in future processes. Communcating changes or discrepancies between one operation and the next can save time and money that could otherwise be lost.

Keeping as many processes in house with a centralized planner can make the task simpler and easier to manage. All deviations can be analyzed and approved by someone who has knowledge and control of the entire process. The planners job is no small task and scheduling when all operations will be complete is laden with roadblocks and pitfalls. Only when the ramifications of a change in dimension or even the order in which the operations will be done has been assesed will the planner implement the change. If the planner is successful they will save time and money by keeping the production schedule on track.

Operations which are obtained from outside sources provide some of the more difficult challenges for the planner due to lack of control. This is the reason good communication and relationship with our outside vendors is so important. Communication is key to avoiding costly mistakes and obtaing parts in a timely manner. A vendor that keeps us informed allows us to schedule our staff and equipment efficently & effectively. Vendors who alert us of discrepancies on incoming material before begining prodction or on their outgoing product are also important.

Machining Most of our machining work is done in house under the supervision of our quality department and our production planner. Each step in the process is monitored closely and all fixtures are maintained by our tool & die shop. Some of the more common tasks we perform ....more

Finishing Finishing services range from shot blasting and other surface finishes to applying plastic thread or other surface protrectors. One of the most common finishing services we provide is rollmarking. Whether its a part/cross-reference number, or an orentation/positioning mark we can provide it....more

Heat Treatment Heat treating is one of the most difficult forms of metal treating and even after employing all the scientific methods known today, hazards still remain. Most metal treating requires a large amount of ....more

Plating Plating has long been one of the most difficult to perform processes. Plating requires a large amount of energy, equipment, and chemicals that are difficult to maintain and dispose of. For this reason all of our plating is done by outside sources.....more

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