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Tool & Die

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Tools & Dies for Forging

Tools for cold forming typically require great precision & accuracy. Design & engineering of tooling should always take into account the repair and maintenance necessary to keep the tools running at optimum efficency. Having the ability to build and maintain tooling in house reduces the amount of money and time spent on outside sources that can often become quite burdensome.

We have a fully functional machine shop with skilled and experienced tool & die makers. Working together with our engineering and design staff creates a favorable working enviornment for both tool maker and designer. This relationship allows us to keep our costs and lead time down while still providing the best possible service. A typical set of tools takes us between six to eight weeks to design. More complicated or a multi-stage set of tools can take eight to ten weeks or sometimes longer. More complicated tooling requires a little more time & investment upfront but offers a return on the investment in the per piece cost. In the long run a move to cold forming will be a cost saving method for any part which has a moderately long life.


Design & Engineering Although we don't design our customers parts we can offer suggestions. Some shapes are not readily acheviable without subsequent machining and forming operations. Design alterations that do not affect part function or performance and eliminate additional costly operations can. more

Manufacture & Maintain One of the tasks that consumes the most time and money is tool mainenance. Down time due to broken or worn out tools can be extremly costly and getting up and running again can be an ordeal when dealing with outside vendors. Working around their schedules isn't always an option and therfore, having the ability to.more

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