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Manufacture & Maintenance

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Tool and Die Manufacture & Maintenance

One of the tasks that consumes the most time and money is tool mainenance. Down time due to broken or worn out tools can be extremly costly and getting up and running again can be an ordeal when dealing with outside vendors. Working around their schedules isn't always an option and therfore, having the ability to make the tools in-house becomes a necessity. Our facility has equipment and staff capable of producing the majority of our tooling in house. We can produce these tools from begining to end, with a few exceptions such as heat treatment and tool coatings.

Tooling also requires constant inspection and maintenace. Our quality department as well as the press operators monitor the tools for wear and damage on a continual basis. Any defect/abnormailty is immediatle brought to the attention of the QA department. Any issues requiring tool modification are brought to the attention of the engineering department for design and approval changes. Any necessary polishing, repair, or replacement is carried our by our skilled tool and die makers.


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